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San Francisco and the Bay Area's very own Jonathan Kates takes you back to some of the Best Tie Dyes from where it all began.

Tie dye garments
Hello and Welcome Back,

Here is a continuation and work in progress of my tie dye web site that will eventually lead to an array of pictures, schedules of shows, biography, color designs, product lines, online ordering, and more. This has been thought about for awhile now but I want to do it right so please allow me the time to organize the look and create the tie dye site you will want to keep coming back to time and time again.

Having over 25 years of tie dye experience, I have enjoyed creating works of art for people of all ages, sizes, and political preferences. For those of you who know me, I sell the majority of my tie dye pieces at craft shows, street faires, and art festivals. This has always been the best way to visually see, touch, and try on the various garments in an array of fabrics, colors, and sizes.

When I create my designs and color schemes, I choose colors that blend and work well together. This has always been the focus of my art and what hopefully makes me stand out from the others. I currently have over 10 designs and 45 color schemes that I work and match with on a regular basis with even more on the horizon.

long sleeve tie dye T-shirtAlthough I have created these set designs and color choices, what your are getting is truly one-of-a-kind wearable art. From 10 feet away two identical shirts, dyed exactly the same, may look exactly alike. But when held up 2 feet away, one can then identify the unique patterns and differences in each shirt. There are never two alike.

...........That's why this art form is SO COOL. That's it for now. Please keep in touch with my web site as it expands with new pages, product lines, color and design schemes, festival and show schedules, and just plain fun.


Jonathan Kates